On Thursday, Jan. 12, City School by Mohawk College held an open house at Eva Rothwell Centre. City School’s manager Emily Ecker explained, “The idea of the open house was to open the centre up to the inner city of Hamilton.”
City School by Mohawk College is a community-based program that aims to break down barriers to education and employment. City School encourages gradual steps to postsecondary education through learning programs, workshops and services.
Booths were set up all around the gym with representatives from Hamilton Public Library, Pathways to Education, St. Matthew’s House and many more.
“They all have something different to provide and support this community, and it was a good opportunity to show what they have to offer,” said Ecker.
As people indulged in free food, games, and activities, all the booths provided information about education and community involvement.
“City School is bringing Mohawk College into the community in barrier-free and accessible ways,” said City School’s community mobilizer Sarah Harvie. “We want to provide those first steps so people can [learn] in a comfortable, free and accessible way, in an environment that they are already familiar with. They know it’s a safe space to come here to Eva Rothwell, they feel a little bit safer and they feel more confident to take that step up to the college when they’re ready.”
City School has a classroom on the second floor of the centre, equipped with a computer lab, projector and laptops. City School runs free credit courses, employment workshops, speaker series, and also allows people in the community to use the space for their own educational needs.
City School runs 10 courses a year, and with a mobile classroom expansion planned for this year, it will add a new dimension for teaching.
Ecker said, “We can pretty much do anything we want in the mobile classroom and it’s going to be a targeted approach to neighbourhoods that are not accessing post-secondary (education).”
Different and diversified programming, innovative ideas, new partnerships in the community and leveraging new relationships with service providers are just some of the plans that City School has for 2017.
Harvie added, “Mohawk College can seem a world away for people in Hamilton, so it’s really important that we are breaking down those perceived barriers and showing people that they can do it.”
Learn more about City School here: http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/programs/want-to-try-college/city-school-by-mohawk
Check out a 360 view of the classroom here: https://theta360.com/s/irau91SeXoUQoQ8K2IxaGjcBc

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