A terror attack took place at a mosque in Quebec City on Sunday night (Jan. 29). Six men died and eight people were injured, including several children.
The prime minister, the public safety minister and the premier of Quebec are treating the incident at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec as an act of terrorism.
Police arrested Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, after he called the police himself. Bissonnette has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder.
In the aftermath of the attack, emotions rippled across Canada. Hamilton’s Muslim community was shocked after hearing the news.
Chair of the Muslim Council of Hamilton, Dr. Ali T. Ghouse, reacted to the attack.
“Everyone was so surprised that such a thing would happen here in Canada,” he said. “The most hurtful thing was that it happened in a place of worship. People go there to find peace and not worry about anything else.”
Although the motive is still unknown, Ghouse said the attacker has shown his hatred towards Muslims.
“He has targeted a place of worship, he has targeted people he has not known, and the only thing he knew was that they were Muslim,” he said.
The Muslim community has come together for support through fundraisers and prayer, but Ghouse said there is always fear that there will be copycats.
“We are all definitely on high alert, in terms of being more vigilant and keeping an eye on security,” he said.
For precaution, Hamilton Police continue to monitor local mosques and places of worship.
Hamilton Police encourage people to contact them if they witness incidents of any suspected crimes.
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