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The 2016 World Broomball Championships were held in Saskatchewan from November 1-5. Forty-eight teams and about 900 athletes from all around the world attended this year’s competition at The Co-operators Centre in Regina.

For many people, broomball is a mystery sport. CBC host Rick Mercer wanted to unveil the mystery of the game. In order to get a better understanding,The Rick Mercer Report crew travelled to Saskatchewan to film the competition.

Mercer admitted that he didn't know very much about broomball, saying,“I’ve only been here in the facility for about two hours and I like everything about it thus far.”
After watching the Ontario Coyotes and Japan BB Freaks mixed teams play, Mercer said, “I thought the action was tremendous and I thought it’s really something that you have a team from Ontario and a team from Japan that just played one another and just seem to be liking each other so very much.”
Mercer said he was drawn to the World Broomball Championships in Saskatchewan because, “The World Broomball Championships is one of the sixth Heritage Canadian games. Also, the fact that they’re teams from all across Canada and the North, and then you have the international component as well.”
Mercer said he was excited to learn about the game and to get out and play. Mercer and his film crew invited many broomball athletes out on the ice to play against a team from Australia later that day.
The players had fun teaching Mercer new skills and the joy of the game. Other players, fans, and volunteers in the crowd watched the game unfold. The day ended with group photos and many selfies with the Mercer team.
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