Mohawk College Gets Smoked
Madison Fitzpatrick
After a week away of from school in October, Mohawk College students were surprised to find a Smoke's Poutinerie up and running in their school cafeteria. Students were also surprised that the college had taken out their only salad bar, Wild Greens.
Troy Heath, Chief of Business Development and Ancillary Services for Mohawk College, says The Smokes brand was chosen based on past success on a few Canadian campuses and energy that they would bring would be an asset to the food court.

“The Wild Greens brand was removed after careful consideration. The lack of sales and the revitalization of the On The Go prepackaged salads allowed us the opportunity to do a redesign of the cafeteria,” says Heath.
Although the college was shown a lack of student interest in sales, some students think removing Wild Greens from the cafeteria was a poor choice. Mohawk student Gracie Elizabeth says, “I don't like Smoke’s poutine being in the cafeteria, due to it being so full of fat and making our students over weight, it also replaced the only healthy place in the school, our salad bar.”
Some students argue that it was a mistake to put in Smoke’s when Mohawk already has poutine offered at a popular food location on campus called The Urban Fork.
“Smoke's poutine is terrible. Urban fork's poutine offers more variety, the choice of sizes, and better prices” says student Dylan Rizzo, “Smokes is a one-size, 1000 calorie portion, and it costs 10 dollars. It's unrealistic for a student to eat that much garbage. I wouldn't expect a school like Mohawk to actually put in a food feature like that, especially when various styles of poutine are available at Urban Fork.”
Although there is negative feedback from students, there are many students who do enjoy the new Smoke’s addition. “I love having Smoke’s in our cafeteria because I am obsessed with their poutine. I think it’s because it's tasty, and always has awesome music,” says Mohawk student Felicia Wroblowsky.
Despite negative feedback from some students regarding the new Smoke’s addition, Heath says, “The sales and positive comments we have received have been unanimously positive and supportive. There are plans to also bring their other brand on campus as they have a Smokes Burritorie that we hope to add in the coming months.”

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